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Peasant chicken soup

Peasant chicken soup

Cut the vegetables into small pieces and cook over low heat in a little oil (preferably olive oil). When they are hardened, add the meat and leave it to harden a little. Season, then add water until the pot is almost full. Let the meat boil. Meanwhile, add the vinegar. When the meat is almost cooked, add the diced potatoes, and after 5 minutes, the pasta. The meat can be left as whole pieces in the soup or you can take it out and take the meat off the bones, then, cut into cubes or strips, put it back in the pot. When the vegetables and meat are cooked, turn off the heat. Mix the sour cream well with the yolks, then gradually take 2-3 tablespoons of soup and place over the sour cream composition, stirring constantly until smooth. The resulting mixture is poured back into the soup pot, slowly and mixing well.

Serve sprinkled with chopped green parsley and hot peppers.

Radauti soup

Radauti soup is one of the main dishes served at lunch or sometimes at dinner.

As the name suggests, the soup from Radauti was first prepared in the city of Radauti in Suceava County in the 70s. The one who invented this assortment of soup is Cornelia Dumitrescu. The housewife introduced chicken into belly soup, at the insistence of her husband, who wanted chicken-flavored belly soup. [1] He soon introduced the recipe to the menu of the restaurant where he worked. The soup was appreciated even by foreign tourists, who asked for the recipe. Many chefs or restaurant owners have introduced the recipe in their places.

Ingredient: chicken breast, cream, 3 egg yolks, 2 carrots, 2 peppers, an onion, 3 cloves garlic

Peel the vegetables, wash the chicken breast and put them all to boil in a pot. Add salt to taste and simmer until all ingredients are boiled. After all is boiled, remove the pot from the heat, remove the vegetables and chicken and leave to cool. Cut the carrots into cubes, and take a cup of soup from the soup pot in which they boiled all the ingredients and leave it to cool.

Mix the 3 egg yolks with the cream until smooth, then the crushed garlic together with the soup cup left to cool. Put the pot of soup back on the fire and add the composition made above of the yolks. Put the chicken breast loosely and the carrots. Boil for another minute and remove the pot from the heat.

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